Superb Site, Stick to the fantastic job. Regards! dori
Ron Wade(non-registered)
Incredible photos David!
Wonderful landscapes with a tremendous impact. Nicely done.
Incredible photography. So glad to have found you through Capture My Arizona.
Lona Markowitz(non-registered)
It was so nice to meet you! We're extremely happy iwth our photos for our virtual tour. They turned out better than we could have ever hoped for! Again, thamk you for your expertise and time - we greatly appreciate it.
David Lenhert Photography
This image:
won 1st place in Color Landscape at the 2010 San Diego Fair Photography Exhibition. It also received the Abe Ordover Gallery Sponsor Award.

It has now also won the 2010 National Park Photo Contest sponsored by the East Zion Tourism Council:
David Lenhert Photography
First Place recieved from / Summer 2009 Photo Contest
Bill Hougesen(non-registered)

Your work is fabulous! I can't wait to see more.

Bill Hougesen
Tina Nomura(non-registered)
Really enjoyed your photos David. Your landscapes are so beautiful and the color is so clear and rich!
David Lenhert Photography
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