"Photography is a consuming passion of mine which includes the entire creative process from capture through digital editing and final output. My aspiration as a photographer and artist is to capture those fleeting moments of unique character and beauty. Whether it's a record of the natural world, people in various activities, or creatures in their native habitats, I seek to make images that communicate my perceptual and emotional experience, and that it may also impart a similar response in a the viewer."

David holds degrees in Computer Science and Business Management and has spent most of his professional career in computer software development. Early endeavors included some of the world's first computer generated graphic systems for business and scientific communities.

Currently, David specializes in a variety of commercial photography including architecture, home interiors, real estate virtual tours, automotive, fashion accessories and jewelry. He is also available by appointment for a wide range of freelance and travel assignments, including leading photography workshops.

His personal enthusiasm is for outdoor adventure and travel photography, as well as teaching others about photography and image processing.

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